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Important Note: The following links to resources are provided as a service to visitors to this site. We have no control over information provided in these sites nor necessarily endorse any of the materials contained therein:

Marshall Islands

Check out
The Bikini Atoll Home Page for all the information you need to know about the Bikinian People, their islands, their history, nuclear testing and the ships in the lagoon.

Bank of Marshall Islands
was chartered in the Republic of the Marshall Islands on November 8, 1982, and has been providing commercial banking services since that time. It is a full service bank with its two branches located in the cities of Majuro and Ebeye in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

RMI Online: Internet Guide to the Republic of the Marshall Is.
General information on the Marshall Islands operated by the RMI Embassy to the U.S. in Washington. Here you will find information on Marshall Islands geography, history, tourism, and many other issues, as well as RMI Government statements and press releases.

US Embassy - Majuro



College of the Marshall Islands
The College of the Marshall Islands is an autonomous two-year community college which serves students within the Micronesian region. The College is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The College of the Marshall Islands offers degree and certificate programs in the areas of education, business, nursing and allied health, liberal arts, and vocational education.

Alele Museum

Museum, library, National Archives of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The Alele Museum, Library & National Archives is the sole
institution responsible for preserving Marshallese cultural treasures and traditions. Handicrafts are available for sale on this page. This site has Museum exhibit information, Marshallese legends and general information on the Marshalls. The Alele Museum site is updated on a monthly basis.

Marshall Islands Visitors Authority [MIVA]
This site has tourist information in both English and Japanese. Especially informative about what the Marshalls has to offer a tourist coming to the Marshall Islands.


Air Marshall Islands [AMI]

The Marshall Islands, mere flecks on the vast Pacific Ocean, conjure up flashes of memory for many people. Kwajalein, Enewetak, Bikini. These tiny atolls with musical names, sites of World War II history and post-war controversy, now available to visit and explore courtesy of AIRMarshall Islands.

National Telecommunications Authority (NTA)
Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands Internet Resources
Run by Michael Ogden of the University of Hawaii, this is a comprehensive and regularly-updated list of Pacific Island sites.
South Pacific Organizer
Travel guide to the Pacific.
Pacific Islands Report
Comprehensive news reports from around the Pacific put out by Al Hulsen of the East-West Center in Hawaii.

Matson Shipping Lines
For all of your shipping needs in the Pacific region.

Matthew Harris Photo Site
For great pictures of the Marshalls, check out this site.

Pacific Daily News-Guam



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