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About RRE & Contact Information

RRE, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years. It was founded by the late Robert Reimers. From the beginning RRE has been a family owned and operated Marshallese business enterprise.

RRE is a conglomerate of companies involved in many different businesses including:

    Operations including hotel, restaurant and lounge, and eco-tourism.

    An agent for Cruise Liners, shipping lines and Fishing vessels, and also for
        Western Union Money Transfer.

    Experienced in mechanical repairs, and boat repairs.

    Owns and operates Pacific Pure Water, Inc. - The major producer of clean, fresh
        water in the Marshall Islands.
    Operates Parts Plus Auto Parts, Mobil Gas stations, Commercial and Residential
        Real Estate.
    Manages the Marshalls Broadcasting Company.

RRE is well known throughout  Micronesia and the Pacific due to its integrity and commitment to service and to the people of the Marshall Islands.

Contact Us

Robert Reimers Enterprises, Inc.
RRE Building, Downtown Uliga
Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 1, Majuro, MH 96960, Marshall Islands

Telephone:   (692) 625-3250
Fax:             (692) 625-3505
Email:          administration@rreinc.com

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For inquiries, comments, and suggestions, please e-mail the
Webmaster at webmaster@rreinc.com