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Hotel Robert Reimers

Hotel Robert Reimers is a 36 room "mini resort" featuring 11 private island-style bungalows nestled in a garden of tropical flowers and trees overlooking the Majuro lagoon.  All rooms are equipped with modern amenities.

Centrally located, Hotel Robert Reimers is perfect for those traveling to the islands for business or pleasure. 

CenPac Shipping Agency

Central Pacific Maritime Agency (CenPac) has been engaged in shipping activities for both domestic and international destinations in the Marshall Islands for over 25 years.

RRE is an agent for a number of shipping companies and also provides freight consolidation.

Investment Opportunities

RRE owns a variety of properties and businesses, in Majuro, Mili, Jaluit and Arno atolls, which are ideal for investment opportunities.

Black Pearl Cultivation

RRE has been cultivating Black Pearls since the mid 1990's.

Pacific Pure Water

Pacific Pure Water is produced daily from three reverse osmosis water purifiers.

Pacific Pure Water is tested regularly by the local EPA authority and has been recommended as the purest drinkable water in the Marshall Islands after testing of all bottled water imported or produced locally.


About RRE

RRE was established 1950 by founder Robert Reimers. He established this business from very humble beginnings and became one of the most respected business leaders in the Marshall Islands and the Pacific Region.


About Marshall Islands & Links

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is situated in the Pacific Ocean, southwest of Hawaii. It is an independent country of 36 atolls and approximately 60,000 people.




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